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1. We have had an energy audit through Excel and have found that our attic insulation is most adequate exness. We followed through with all their suggestions to improve our energy efficiency such as by insulating around the vents and around the chimney in the attic.

2. All the windows have been reworked and we have installed new rope sashes . The windows have been weather stripped with metal tongue in groove. The windows themselves have the old glass pretty much throughout (thicker and less perfect than what is made today) exness india.

3. Our stoves are high efficiency, energy star rated. Our hot water heaters are energy star rated. All other appliances will be replaced with energy efficient ones as the need for replacement occurs.

4. Our walk in cooler has 12 inches of foam insulation to improve its efficiency. In addition, we moved it from an inside wall next to the furnace, to an outside wall to take advantage of the cool ground.

5. We use window air conditioners so that we can provide cooling only where it is needed and when it is needed broker exness.

6. We have an ongoing policy to conserve energy by turning off lights and electrical equipment when not in use.

7. We offer a voluntary towel re-use service as an alternative to daily wet towel replacement.

8. We provide cloth napkins at breakfast.

9. All in all this building is recycled. We saved whatever we could from the original and we love and respect its age. We have carefully refurbished the quarter sawn oak on the first floor. We had to replace the wood in the second floor master suite sitting room because of a fire that happened before we owned the house. The wood is fashioned to match the cut of the rest of the house however.

10. All light fixtures on the first floor of the house are antiques rewired.

11. We have replaced many of the light bulbs with the more efficient, CFL, ones. We have done this in virtually all the closets and basement lights throughout the house. In addition, we use dimmers on almost all incandescent lights in the house.

12. We recycle aluminum, paper, glass, plastic and cardboard. Notice the wooden recycle bin in the first floor back hall. Please feel free to use it.

13. We buy carefully with regard to packaging - trying not to purchase with excess wrappings.

14. We do not offer the tiny little bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Instead we refill large ones.

15. We use care in selecting natural cleaning products. In particular we avoid phosphate rich detergents.

16. We have changed from offering bottled water to the filtered cold water in the refrigerators in your rooms. The sports bottles with Cathedral Hillís name imprinted on the side are for you to use while you are here and to take home with you.

17. We buy local and frequent the Farmerís market where possible. And we have a great local food co-op within walking distance. Our coffee is fair trade organic . When available we use food harvested from our own garden or, in the case of berries and apples, from our area.

18. Our yard and garden watering system is a combination of soaker hoses and drip system with sprinklers in the grass area. We water between 3 and 6 a.m. to reduce evaporation. We run it only when needed.

19. Although we cannot claim responsibility for this piece of lucky geographical location, we are proud to note that out B&B is walking distance (3 blocks) from six outstanding restaurants and 3 blocks from the spectacular walk down Summit Avenue to the Cathedral, JJ Hill House and the MN Historical Society building.



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